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Finance Manager

Date:2015年12月9日 22:39
Job requirements
1, establish and improve the financial management system, the organization of the logistics center of the comprehensive financial accounting, supervision of financial management, cost management and asset management;
2, the organization of financial revenue and expenditure accounting work, supervision and guidance of accounting classification, audit and preparation of various types of accounting documents, timely and accurate record of the company's business;
3, responsible for the production costs, manufacturing costs, the production of finished product accounting, the preparation of the relevant cost statements;
4, the organization of financial analysis, to the president on a regular basis to submit various types of financial statements;
5, to assist relevant departments to regularly check the raw materials, semi-finished products, finished goods, check inventory;
6, organize exchanges account reconciliation and supplier settlement management;
7, the organization of regular tax returns, and the tax authorities and other government agencies to maintain good communication;


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