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HR Specialist

Date:2015年12月9日 22:42
Job requirements
1, responsible for the collection, sorting, filing, the headquarters of the respective regional store staff files;
2, is responsible for the increase of the social insurance of their respective areas, reduce the list of updates, insurance claims handling procedures;
3, to assist their store staff performance appraisal implementation, assessment of the regular statistical summary of the data, reporting, and the way of performance appraisal methods and suggestions for comments and suggestions;
4, responsible for their own store employee welfare statistics work, follow up the responsibility of the distribution of the welfare of the store, to ensure timely delivery in place;
5, accounting staff salary, ensure the employee's salary on time;
5. Regular statistical research and development design changes or product upgrading of the formation of the backlog of material, and buyer to negotiate the backlog of material, as far as possible do early discovery, early treatment, reduce the amount of glassy material, reduce inventory backlog of material.
6 be responsible for the timely update and maintenance of the ERP system purchase plan.

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